To put things simply, if I wasn’t making I would probably go crazy. I’ve been drawing longer than I can remember and painting has always filled me with a sense of accomplishment and importance.  Expressing my affection for the idea of beauty and popular culture has always been important for me as an artist, portraying modern culture in the most visually appealing way possible. I grew up watching a lot of cartoons and playing video games my whole life which still holds a large influence on my style today. Within my artwork I use a lot of clean lines and bold colors which results in the vivid, stylized portraits I enjoy creating most.


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I have an illustrative style of tattooing consisting of bold & clean lines, soft & smooth shading and bright colors. I enjoy creating bold and timeless tattoos for my clients. I like tattooing pin-up girls, animals and mythological creatures like unicorns and mermaids.

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Lightning Tongue

CLOUD MANIFESTO: People often ask me what’s my inspiration behind my character, Lightning Tongue? My fascination with clouds comes from me appreciating beauty in the simplest things in life. Things that are often unappreciated or forgotten but is right in front of our eyes each and every day. Like clouds. Throughout my day I tend to look up at sky and notice how the sunlight beaming through or reflecting off a nearby could and I can’t help but appreciate all of the colors. Clouds are completely free, coming and going as they please. But they also has the potential to come through and fuck up your whole day with a little rain and thunder. Clouds are majestic.


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