Ethereal – No Saliva Vol. 1

Greedmont Park presents No Saliva Vol.1 by Ethereal, a down-tempo mixtape with a cohesive blend of 21 hip-hop, electronica, and jazz instrumental tracks. Ethereal is a producer infamous for his use of samples combined 16-bit synthesizers and bass heavy percussion. Usually, I prefer to listen to this type of music while creating art, because its ambient loops leaves me room to focus; since it’s not overly cluttered with narcissistic lyrics and rambunctious ad-libs. The perfect “chillout” soundtrack for your artshow, lounge or cafe, it features exclusive remixes from Bosco, Mach Five, and Sye Spence. Ethereal states “This is an Ethereal adventure tape for all of the visual artist out there who enjoy creating to spacey audio operas.” [Album art by Corey Davis]

DOWNLOAD: Ethereal – No Saliva Vol. 1 [zshare]

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No Saliva Vol.2 by Asston Kusher coming soon!

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