Tattooing in the UK

This is our first time ever going to London, we will be tattooing and filming from Sept.27-Oct.8….after we finish tattooing we plan to going to Paris & Amsterdam (and a few more spots on the train) we need ALL our supporters, clients, customers, fans, friends, and family to help us promote this trip..we are trying to tattoo as many people over there as we can… We want to REALLY leave our mark in the UK….but that can only happen with your simple help…

I would like everyone to SAVE this flyer, and post it on your blogs, facebook, Twitter, twitpics, websites, email blast, forums, etc.. And post this flyer everywhere…. Let’s spread this moment….and inspire each city at a time.. One person at a time…. All promotion help is welcomed.. Just save and post the flyer… Many blessings and much love

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