Paris :: October 2010

Just spent 2 days in Paris! It was a pretty awesome experience with the exception of rude ass french people (yeah, yeah the rumors are true, you better start practicing your french if you ever plan on going) but all in all, it was very dope! Got to visit the Louvre today and check out all the art that was crammed into my brain during art history in college. To check out the pics

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  • First meal in Paris… « Who is Corey Davis?

    […] Today was our first day in Paris, we went around to check out the Eiffel Tower and all that other typical tourist stuff, but after a 2 hour train ride from Brussels and walking through the city all day we all agreed it was time to find a good place to chow down.I already forgot the name of the restaurant, I probably couldn’t pronounce it correctly if  I did… but the food was pretty stellar! Miya Bailey and I decided to try the escargot for the first time ever, and to our surprise it was pretty tasty! Afterward I indulged in the baked duck and some french chardonnay. Had to sip it with my pinky up… Salute! To view the rest of my pics from France click here. […]

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