Greedmont Park Presents “The Morning After”

“What runs through your mind when you wake up with debilitating hangover, in bed next someone you met in a bar several hours ago? Over the course of three years, 2006 to 2009, I discover the answer to this question… well… sort of.”

The Morning After, is about sex, casual sex to be more explicit. At the same time, it’s about life; about all of the unexpected lessons you learn when you’re just a hedonistic, libidinous twenty-something trying to get laid. One of the primary lessons learned is even when ‘sex’ is just about ‘sex,’ it’s never just about ‘sex.’ The Morning After is neither an indictment on casual sex or an endorsement; these stories have been put together for the sole purpose of drawing your own conclusions about whatever you may want your romantic life to be like. [Written by Julian Caesar | Art Direction by Corey Davis]

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