Jambalaya Mixtrape Presents Provider [Webcomic]

Hey Guys! Happy “I Love to Write Day!” So it’s finally about that time… Most of you know I’ve been spending a majority of my time pouring hours into this Graphic Novel/Webcomic called Jambalaya Mixtape presents Provider over the past year and it’s definitely been one hell of a ride! I’ve always been a gamer, I absolutely love anime, I’m a film geek and I can draw a little bit. Making a comic book is something I’ve wanted to do my whole life but just never had the discipline to complete, so a little longer than a year ago I started studying. I ordered books, I watched tutorials on youtube, combed through a billion websites, listened to audio books, went to conventions, talked to other writers. Anything I could do to learn more about storytelling, making comics, page design, getting published, building a fan base. You name it! I was eager for knowledge, and once I had my arsenal of information and I felt like the story was going in the right direction, I hit the ground runnin’.

Months later and we’re finally ready to premiere it online! And its free! For the mostpart, but we’ll get to that later… And since we’re about to enter the season of giving, I’ve decided to post the first five pages now. We will be updating the site with a new comic post every TUESDAY. I hope you enjoy and please share :)



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