Who is Corey Davis?
“There was a time when visual artists were rock stars. Andy Warhol, Salvador Dali, Jean-Michel Basquiat and Keith Haring were known for their infectious personalities as much as for their intriguing visual art. Things changed and artists are back to being behind the scenes. But Corey Davis is one artist that I feel can bring the illustriousness back to being a working artist. An eminent attribute of Corey is his dexterity in making his name illustrious. Infamous for his unique and diverse marketing abilities, he has found anomalous ways to promote himself. He’s not just a visual artist, not just a designer, not just a tattoo artist, not just a musician and business owner, Corey is an embodiment of an authentic artist.” -Art Nouveau Magazine

“An artistically, sublime genius. From his bold designs, paintings, and innovative films, to tattooing and music, he has auspiciously built a name for himself. Born in Columbus, Ohio in 1986, and raised in Atlanta, Georgia, he had the opportunity to embrace and absorb knowledge from distinctive cultures and backgrounds. Being aware of his gift at a young age and maturing in his craft throughout the years, a longevous career was evident. An embodiment of an authentic artist, Corey Davis is continuously making his mark on our culture with his picturesque artwork and lively visuals.” -Myles Johnson

“Co-Owner of the renowned tattoo shop City of Ink, Davis has paid his dues as a rapper, graffiti artist, painter and tattoo artist.” –Sprite

“Modern Day Renaissance Man, this Atlanta-based artist may have made his name, but his talents run much, much deeper.” –Myspace: Artist of the Day