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  • 05 Dec 2011

    Mach Five “Coca Leaf” [Music Video]

    Mach Five has consistently made a name as the duo pushing boundaries in Hip-Hop. Famed designer/videographer, Chilly-O, and Corey Davis team up to create a psychedelic-themed music video for the Gothic stoner-hop anthem, “Coca Leaf”. Paraded with neon lights, hot blondes and rappers all beneath the hazy glow of a smoke filled room which fits […]
  • 20 Oct 2011

    Mach Five “Carla” [Official Music Video]

    Artemus Jenkins brings us a new visual from the latest Mach Five project, Best Friends, about a car named car "Carla." Where they take us on a ride through the streets of Atlanta in a thugged-out version of Speed Racer's Mach 5, an '88 Chevy SS Monte Carlo. [Directed by Artemus Jenkins] DOWNLOAD LINK: Mach Five […]
  • 28 Sep 2011

    Mach Five – Best Friends [Download]

    Greedmont Radio and BluRoc Records presents the sophomore album from Atlanta's dynamic duo, Mach Five(A.ware and Corey Davis), entitled Best Friends. After leaking several critically acclaimed tracks and gaining international notoriety, Mach Five's highly anticipated 15-song opus is finally available for free download. Featuring appearances from GLC, Chris McAdoo of Hollyweerd and Trayon Pass. Enjoy […]
  • 15 Feb 2011

    J is for Junkie [Soundtrack]

    Greedmont Radio presents the J is for Junkie: Soundtrack by Asston Kusher. Asston was basically there throughout the entire filming process so I figured it'd be best to get him to compose a score for the movie. He ended up sending me a slew of beats that went perfectly with the all of the documentary's […]
  • 09 Aug 2010

    Ethereal – No Saliva Vol. 1

    Greedmont Park presents No Saliva Vol.1 by Ethereal, a down-tempo mixtape with a cohesive blend of 21 hip-hop, electronica, and jazz instrumental tracks. Ethereal is a producer infamous for his use of samples combined 16-bit synthesizers and bass heavy percussion. Usually, I prefer to listen to this type of music while creating art, because its […]