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  • 20 Sep 2011

    Greedmont Park Magazine Issue #4 [Fall 2011]

    Open publication - Free publishing - More artem nazarov What do you do when you’re given no opportunities? You create your own. That’s exactly what we’ve done here at Greedmont Park one year ago and it’s proving to be one of the better decisions we’ve made in life. We were just a creative collective that wanted […]
  • 30 May 2011

    Greedmont Park Magazine #3 [Summer 2011]

    I am the founder and art director behind Greedmont Park, we just dropped the latest issue of our magazine. We create things, we break things and it is all respected. Across the bridge, however, we can be misunderstood and if the monglers are really colorful, we're abominations. I guess, only a select few individuals can […]
  • 01 Feb 2011

    Greedmont Park Magazine #2 [Winter 2011]

    I'm the Art Director/Founder for Greedmont Magazine. We just released our second issue. I also wrote a few articles and did some illustrations. Alot of the content is pretty progressive, I'm definitely proud of it... But hey, you be the judge, check it out! In a world full of self righteousness, it takes strong, creative people […]
  • 29 Jul 2010

    Greedmont Park Magazine #1 [Aug/Sept]

    With bundles of hard copies coming fresh off the press and being packaged to be distributed across America (more specifically NY, LA, and ATL). I am proud to present you the first issue of Greedmont Magazine! A free bimonthly publication we've been working on extensively with our team "bloggers" over the past month to put […]