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  • 03 Mar 2011

    Tattoo Tic-Tat-Toe

    Greedmont TV presents Tattoo Tic-Tat-Toe where I let my friends from City of Ink, Melvin Todd and Chris McAdoo play a game of Tic-Tac-Toe on Corey Davis' skin with an actual tattoo machine! [Shot by Loli Hara | Music by Dj Fu of the Weathermen]
  • 19 Dec 2010

    City of Ink Reality Show [Pilot]

    Last year, a producer from TLC came to Atlanta from LA to shoot a pilot on a reality show on the tattoo artist at City on Ink. I was chose me as on of the characters to star in the show, they pitched it to a few networks and finally agreed to post it online. […]