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  • 04 Feb 2011

    Greedmont’s Bad Ass Art Battle pt. 2

    As most of you know the deadline for Greedmont's Badass Art Battle is approaching this SUNDAY. Being that I can't win since I'm judging the competition, I figured I'd share my entry today! So ya'll can see the level of shit you'll be competing against! We got some really good entries from talented artist, along […]
  • 01 Feb 2011

    Greedmont Park Magazine #2 [Winter 2011]

    I'm the Art Director/Founder for Greedmont Magazine. We just released our second issue. I also wrote a few articles and did some illustrations. Alot of the content is pretty progressive, I'm definitely proud of it... But hey, you be the judge, check it out! In a world full of self righteousness, it takes strong, creative people […]
  • 29 Nov 2010


    The City of Ink family ventures into the Netherlands to partake in their very own Cannabis Cup, on an effortless journey to find out who has the best bud in Amsterdam. I had to just stop and shoot the guy in the intro with the upright bass for 5 minutes... That shit was so surreal […]